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Our team

Valerie Vanmaele

Valerie Vanmaele

Aesthetic dentist & owner

Aesthetic dentist Valerie Vanmaele graduated in Leuven in 1999. In 2000, she started working as a dentist. Soon after that she started her own dental practice in the Rotterdam area. Until 2017, she owned Dent2Dent, having 2 locations.

During that period she specialized in aesthetic dentistry. She has followed several courses and acquired years of experience. Valerie is also a member of the DAED (Dutch Academy of Esthetic Dentistry) and of the materials committee at Best Dental Buy, so that she can select the best materials for her clients. Valerie is fluent in Dutch, French and English. Within Kliniek Duin & Dael she is the founder, owner, chef de clinique and aesthetic dentist.

Valerie her passion is to give all people the most beautiful smile, because “A day without laughter is a day waisted!”

Martijn Voorthuis

Martijn Voorthuis

Founder & owner

Martijn, founder and owner of Kliniek Duin & Dael, grew up in Wassenaar. After many years he and his children, returned to this village. Together they enjoy living in the beautiful surroundings. Martijn worked at Unilever and FrieslandCampina for a long time, and as a self-employed person for L’Oréal and Red Bull.

Martijn is experienced in marketing and how building a brand!

Allende Randazzo

Allende Randazzo

Dentist in orthodontics

Our dentist in orthodontics Allende Randazzo is an enthusiastic, young woman from Murcia, Spain. In 2011 she graduated as a dentist from the University of Murcia. Allende has 4 years of experience as a dentist in the Netherlands. She speaks Dutch fluently as well as Spanish and English.

After her graduation as a dentist, Allende followed an ‘Ortodoncista’-course at the University of Southern Mississippi in Madrid. At the same time, during those 3 years, she worked at leading orthodontics practices in Madrid and Murcia, including Vélez & Lozano.

As of May, Allende will work at Duin & Dael as a dentist in orthodontics. She will treat both children and adults with the most modern techniques in the field of orthodontics.

Mirjam Oosting

Mirjam Oosting

Dental hygienist

Mirjam Oosting is driven and focused. She likes to develop herself in all kinds of areas. Mirjam is registered at the Dutch Association of Dental Hygienists (NVM) and in the Quality Register of Dental Hygienists (KRM).

In 2019 she achieved her title Dental Hygienist (BSc) at the Hogeschool Utrecht. During her studies she fulfilled various tasks. For example, Mirjam was a member of the PR and education committee and chaired the NVM student committee. She also completed the honors program. Before starting her studies at the Hogeschool Utrecht, Mirjam completed her dental assistant training in Groningen (2015).

Charlotte van der Mark

Charlotte van der Mark

Paro-prevention assistant and Office manager

Charlotte Dragt-van der Mark has been working in dentistry since 2005. She started an education for dental assistant and soon felt at home in the dental industry. After her studies, she worked in various disciplines, including dental surgery.

After this she continued to study for prevention assistant and paro-prevention assistant, so that she can carry out as many operations as possible herself (such as dental cleaning.

Charlotte is happy to work with you to achieve optimal oral health. She also focuses on preventive care for children’s teeth: in various primary schools she has already given instructions on how to brush teeth and explanations about the effects of food on teeth.

Esther Brandjes


Esther graduated as a dentist from the Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam. What makes her enthusiastic about her profession is the combination of care, science, aesthetics and craftsmanship.

One of her most inspiring experiences was volunteering during her studies. In Sri Lanka she volunteered in the field of oral disease, maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics and emergency dentistry. In 2018 she was selected for an internship abroad, in pediatric dentistry in Brazil. With her affinity for children, she hopes to appeal to a child’s curiosity and get energy from when ‘a must’ can be turned into an interesting experience.

Esther is a member of NWVT, KRT, KNMT and follows various courses every month. In the future she would like to further specialize in aesthetic dentistry.

Ludy Holst

Cosmetic doctor KNMG & owner of Van Lennep Kliniek

In my profession as a cosmetic doctor KNMG and also director of the clinic, I feel like a the fish in water. My company has been in existence for more than 10 years and in recent years has grown from a sole proprietorship into a training clinic for cosmetic doctors and skin therapists at three locations in South Holland. It continuously challenges me and my team to offer the best for my clients. Thanks to our collaboration with Kliniek Duin & Dael, we can now serve our clients even wider.