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Herenweg 1 Wassenaar, fotograaf: Joris


Kliniek Duin & Dael is located in one of the most characteristic buildings in Wassenaar, right across from the windmill.

It was designed in 1937 by the architectural firm Granpré Molière, Verhagen and Kok from Rotterdam, and commissioned by the Green Cross. District nursing, maternity care and hospital care took place here. There was a consultation office and the building played a major role in the local fight against tubercolosis. Many people from Wassenaar went to get crutches here after a fall, had their ears sprayed or made an appointment for their children.

Glazed tiles

Glazed tiles formed a cross above the front door, so the property’s function was obvious. During the threat of war, the building was provided with a concrete roof, gas channels were installed and there was an air-raid shelter.

Well-kept secret

In 1972, the building became the property of the Van Leeuwen family and was converted into a home and office building. The cross was covered with a lion’s head. Until 2019 they used the property for one of the best kept secrets of Wassenaar: a wholesaler in gold and silver jewelry. This family business from Wassenaar supplied a lot of jewelers and chain stores in the Netherlands.

Regain social utility

How special: with the arrival of Kliniek Duin & Dael, the building will regain its social utility. During the complete restoration, the glazed tiles that formed the cross are restored.

(source: Younger Architecture and Urban Design, Mr. G.P.G. van Leeuwen, former archive of Gemeente Wassenaar. Photo: Joris)